Exosect's Lean Formulation Technology shortlisted for Agrow Award

13th September 2018

Ground-breaking formulation increases UV stability of ag-biological, shortlisted for Agrow Award

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd., a pioneer in Lean Formulation Technology, today announced that its formulation Platform, Entostat®, has been shortlisted for the category of ‘Best Formulation Innovation’ by the 2018 Agrow Awards. In this ground-breaking formulation, Entostat enables a dramatic increase in the stability of an ultraviolet (UV) sensitive ag-biological. Other companies nominated within this category include BASF, FMC, Syngenta, Soyuzagrochim and Willowood Chemicals.

Described as the ‘Oscars’ of the crop protection industry, the Agrow Awards celebrates creativity and innovation among people and products within global crop protection. This is the second nomination in the space of two years for Exosect’s proprietary technology. Entostat® won the category of ‘Best Application Technology Innovation’ in 2016 for its dust reduction properties on treated seed. This application of the Entostat technology is used to reduce dust during the planting of neonicotinoid treated seeds. Its use is mandatory in Canada and it is licensed on a non-exclusive basis by Bayer and Talc U.S.A.

This latest nomination is for a sprayable formulation of Entostat incorporating the baculovirus which controls the Egyptian Cotton Leaf Worm (Spodoptera littoralis), a pest of economic importance which is becoming increasingly resistant to chemicals.

Viruses are highly sensitive to UV radiation and increasing the stability of viruses in the field has been the key formulation challenge since their use in crop protection was first introduced in the 1970’s. Once applied to a crop, UV degradation can vastly reduce efficacy within 4 to 24 hours of application in full temperate sunlight, requiring growers to make repeated applications to control multiple generations of insect pests. This increases costs and has limited virus use in crop protection to niche markets despite their excellent environmental profile. Importantly, viruses are effective against some of the world’s most destructive pests such as the Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) and unlocking their potential through improved formulation could provide farmers with new tools for sustainable crop production.

Studies revealed that the Entostat formulation provided two key improvements. Firstly, it increased the longevity of the virus when exposed to UV, potentially increasing the spray interval from weekly to monthly. Secondly the Entostat formulation enabled a fifty percent reduction in the amount of virus required to match the treated control.

Exosect CEO, Andy MacNaughton comments, “Demand for formulation technology is increasing and we are delighted to be recognised by the industry, through the Agrow Awards, as a major solutions provider”. He continues, “This formulation is currently in a commercial testing phase with potential licensees and it could be available to growers as early as 2019. We have since replicated the success of this formulation with a further market leading ag-biological and a chemical which have similar stability challenges.”

This formulation project was carried out in conjunction with leading experts in the field of insect viruses, Professor Kenneth Wilson of the Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University and Principal Scientist David Grzywacz at the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Greenwich. The project was funded by the UK’s Agritech Catalyst fund, administered by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation Agency and co-funded by the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological sciences Research Council.

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Exosect's Lean Formulation Technology shortlisted for Agrow Award

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