Exosect CEO, Martin Brown, to address CropWorld North America conference 2012

6th February 2012

Exosect CEO, Martin Brown, will be addressing the CropWorld Conference, 27th & 28th March 2012, North Carolina.

Winchester, UK – Intelligent Pest Management Company, Exosect, announced today that its CEO, Martin Brown, will be addressing the CropWorld North America 2012 Conference, being held on 27th and 28th of March in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

CropWorld North America is a two day conference focusing on the business, science trade and technology for crop production in North America, where topics for debate will include the latest technology and research findings, food security and sustainability in crop protection.

Martin Brown will be discussing the current market landscape and growth opportunities for manufacturers on the morning of Day 2, as well as presenting Exosect’s latest technology advances in the ‘New product showcase’ also on Day 2.

For further details go to www.cropworld-northamerica.com.  To arrange a meeting with Exosect at CropWorld, please email Philip Harris – philip.harris(a)exosect.com



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Background information

Martin Brown - CEO has over 25 years’ experience in agrochemical sales, marketing and business operations roles with ICI, Astra Zeneca and Syngenta covering UK, Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan and Eastern Europe. Before joining Exosect in 2004, Martin worked in a senior management role within a major international agricultural distribution company expanding and developing their distribution and retail operations in Eastern Europe.

Technology - Entostat powder is the platform technology for Exosect’s entire range of products. Derived from a natural ‘food grade’ wax which is sustainably  harvested from palm trees, Entostat powder acts as a delivery system for a wide range of chemistry. As the name suggests “Entostat” powder exhibits electrostatic properties. Even through very slight movement, it develops an electrostatic charge. Insects similarly develop an electrostatic charge as they fly through air or walk across physical surfaces. When placed in contact with insects, the powder adheres to them and can be passed from one insect to another through direct contact. This patented platform enables the use of very low doses of active ingredient and has potential applications in many sectors.

Notes to Editors

About Exosect

Exosect is focused on the development of Intelligent Pest Management solutions. Its innovative and cost-effective products help growers, food manufacturers and processors to actively reduce their use of pesticides. These products are used globally in a wide range of sectors including crop protection (agriculture, horticulture and stored products), apiculture and public health. Exosect is a SOFHT (Society of Food Hygiene and Technology) award winner, a category winner in the Guardian Global Cleantech 100 awards and a finalist in the Agrow Awards. This and further news is available at: www.exosect.com


Exosect Mission

to discover, develop & commercialise, safe, sustainable bio-conventional control solutions for the food industry, that protect food from insect damage and disease whilst reducing use of and dependence on traditional chemical pest control products

For further information please contact: Georgina Donovan at Exosect.
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