Exosect's Exosex CM to be launched in France

9th January 2012

Exosex CM to be distributed in France by Makhteshim Agan.

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions has announced that its Exosex CM mating disruption technology has received registration for commercial use in France and is being launched this year by Makhteshim Agan France.

Exosex CM is used to control the population of the Codling Moth, a destructive global pest of apples and pears. It is an innovative mating disruption solution, engineered to effectively reduce the population of the Codling Moth when used as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

Carine Reyniers, Product Manager for Fungicides and Insecticides at Makhteshim Agan France comments, “We are very excited to be able to include  Exosex CM within our product portfolio as it is a fantastic tool for Integrated Pest Management and will support our growers in managing pesticide residues.”

Exosex CM is now commercially available in the UK, Belgium, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, and France.

How Exosex CM works

Exosex CM requires only 25 dispensers per hectare each of which contain a synthetic female Codling moth pheromone, which is formulated with Exosect’s unique and natural Entostat powder. The system works by luring males into the dispensers using the female pheromone, once they enter, the Entostat* powder adheres strongly to the bodies of the male. The sensors of the coated moths are overwhelmed which means that they are unable to detect females, and therefore do not mate.  They also act as a false lure for other moths and the mating cycle is disrupted, resulting in fewer caterpillars emerging to cause apple and pear damage. The technique is simple and helps to reduce the use of chemical spraying.

*Entostat powder is the platform technology for Exosect’s entire range of products. Derived from a natural ‘food grade’ wax which is sustainably  harvested from palm trees, Entostat powder acts as a delivery system for a wide range of chemistry.

As the name suggests “Entostat” powder exhibits electrostatic properties. Even through very slight movement, it develops an electrostatic charge. Insects similarly develop an electrostatic charge as they fly through air or walk across physical surfaces. When placed in contact with insects, the powder adheres to them and can be passed from one insect to another through direct contact. This patented platform enables the use of very low doses of active ingredient and has potential applications in many sectors.


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Exosect's Exosex CM to be launched in France