Moths at the museum

26th October 2011

Clothes moth and other voracious pests will be the key topic for discussion at the 2011 Pest Odyssey conference to be held at the British Museum.

It sounds a bit farfetched but the real curse of museums and historic houses is not, sadly, about exhibits coming alive at night, but rather more about the insects that like to feast on them. The increase in clothes moths and other more exotically named nibblers over recent years is the reason that conservators and museum collections experts from across the world are gathering at the Pest Odyssey Conference, to be hosted at the British Museum on 27th and 28th October.

First established ten years ago, the Pest Odyssey 2011 is a follow up to the highly successful conference held in 2001. Organised by Icon's (Institute of Conservation) Care of Collections Group in partnership with the British Museum and a wide range of other institutions, the primary focus is to share experiences in dealing with the wide range of pests that threaten our national treasures.

Up for discussion at the conference will be specialised methods which have been developed to combat pests and save irreplaceable artefacts, such as the British invention called Exosex CLTab, a pheromone mating disruption tool which confuses the mating cycle of the common clothes moth. First trialled at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in 2004. Experience of this technique and many more will be shared by the likes of English Heritage and Historic Royal Palaces.

Further information on the event can be found at the Pest Odyssey website, further information on Exosex CLTab can be found at


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Moths at the museum

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