Exosect Obtains An Emergency Approval For The Control Of Light Brown Apple Moth

13th May 2009

The UK’s leading biological research company, Exosect offers a new solution to the Horticultural Industry

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions, today announced that it has received a 120 day emergency approval and consent to market Exosex LBAMTab for the control of Light Brown Apple Moth, Epipyhas postvittana.  

Exosect has responded to the requests from the horticultural industry to resolve their limited options for control of this emerging pest of soft and tree fruits.  The pest is recorded as having been associated with over 2000 plant species with more under threat as it becomes established in future years.

Alison Tod, Orchards and Vines Product Manager said, “This result is a huge win for our industry. To offer a solution at a time when growers are expected to supply top quality produce with minimal residues without all the necessary tools, makes this emergency approval perfectly apt to complete the growers’ toolkit”.

This pest is particularly difficult to control with traditional pesticide sprays as the larvae construct a harbourage by rolling together leaves, buds or fruit with webbing.

Exosex LBAMTab contains synthetic female Light Brown Apple moth pheromone, which is formulated with Exosect’s patented Entostat powder. The system works by attracting males to the tablet where the electrostatic Entostat powder adheres to the antennae and body of the males. The sensors of the coated moths become overwhelmed and unable to detect females, and therefore do not mate, resulting in fewer eggs and emerging caterpillars to cause damage. Exosex LBAMTab works 24/7 regardless of weather conditions, which could prevent spray applications and should be used as the cornerstone of any control programme for Light Brown Apple Moth.

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Exosect Obtains An Emergency Approval For The Control Of Light Brown Apple Moth