Exosect To Launch Exosex CM In Greece To Assist Fruit Growers In Lowering Use Of Insecticide

23rd March 2009

Greek apple and pear growers to benefit from innovative Active Mating Disruption technology

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions, today announced that its Exosex CM active mating disruption technology has been registered for commercial use in Greece with Intrachem Hellas. This follows successful launches in the UK, New Zealand, Belgium and Italy as Exosect expands it’s business around the world.

Exosex CM, an innovative eco-friendly active mating disruption solution is used to control the population of the Codling Moth, a destructive global pest of apples and pears as part of an integrated pest management strategy.  

Nicos Grammaticakis, Managing Director of Intrachem Hellas explains, “We are delighted to bring to our Greek market an innovative mating disruption system in Exosect’s Exosex CM product.   This environmentally conscious system will enhance our product range as well as support our philosophy to offer a robust Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme and importantly provide support to growers for whom pesticide residue levels are a key issue.” 

Exosect’s Orchard and Vine Product Manager Alison Tod explains the significance of this joint co-operation.  “It’s always exciting to launch into new territories and Intrachem Hellas, our partner in Greece, is particularly experienced in integrated pest management. Our Exosex CM mating disruption system offers Intrachem a key component to offer growers a perfect IPM season long package that will go a long way to reducing pesticide residues.”

The Exosex CM system works by attracting male codling moths into dispensers containing EntostatTM powder impregnated with the female codling moth pheromone.  The patented EntostatTM electrostatic powder adheres strongly to the body and antennae of the male moths with the result that their sensors become overwhelmed, preventing them from locating a female. Treated males may also act as a false lure for other male moths, resulting in a state of “Auto-Confusion”TM and disrupting the mating cycle, resulting in fewer caterpillars to damage apples and pears. The technique is simple, and much less labour intensive than traditional mating disruption products. Exosex CM can be used to support conventional and organic spray programmes to reduce pest damage, improving fruit quality and yield, and can also be used over time to support a reduction in the use of chemical spraying with its attendant risk of residues in the fruit at harvest. About Royal Agricultural Society of England

INTRACHEM HELLAS Ltd. was established in 1973 in Athens, operating initially as a representation office for various well known foreign producers of agrichemicals and fertilizers.

The company from the beginning directed its activity to the development and marketing of high technology Ag chemicals, which offered solutions to vital problems of agricultural production. Today our company, through the variety of its product line, is in a position to serve also the needs of organic farming, as well as the continuously expanding integrated crop management.

INTRACHEM HELLAS is updated in following up the current needs of farmers, but also pioneers in introducing modern technologies aiming to cover new needs in agriculture.

We also offer technical know-how based on our experience and the continuous follow up of agricultural developments.

Their philosophy

Our final target is to serve the agricultural society for a higher production and better quality at the lowest possible concentration of toxic residues and the greatest respect to mother nature.


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