Exosect Gains Prominent European Partner After Registration With Intrachem Bio, Italy Is Granted

10th February 2009

Italy’s Leading Bio Agro Company and Exosect to Bring Award Winning Green Pest Control Systems to the Italian market

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions, today announced that that it has received registration in Italy for Exosex CM, their “Active” mating disruption product for the control of codling moth. Exosex CM will be distributed by Intrachem Bio, the leading company in the Italian biological control market.    Codling moth is the dominant pest problem in pome fruit world wide. 

Exosect’s patented Entostat powder is electrostatic and provides an ideal platform to carry species-specific pheromones.  The Entostat powder carrying the female pest sex pheromone becomes attached to the body of the males  overwhelming their pheromone receptors  and preventing them from locating females and  mating.

Dr Edith Ladurner, Senior Scientist with Intrachem Bio Italia, has been working with the system in Italy since 2005 and comments “Exosex CM gives the grower an innovative and green choice to be used in IPM systems. This system will specifically address the requirement of Italian growers to supply produce suitable for export to markets that has a zero tolerance for insect infestation, at the same time as meeting growing demand for reduced residues in our traditional EU markets."  Ladurner continues “In Italy, auto-confusion techniques, such as Exosex CM are unique in the  mating disruption market and will be the future of codling moth control in both organic and IPM orchards.”

Exosect’s Exosex CM product leads the way in innovative and green technology  by using the pest itself as a  carrier of the pest pheromone throughout the orchard, to achieve a condition amongst the pest population known as “Auto-confusion”TM. 

Commenting on the agreement , Alison Tod, Orchard and Vine Product Manager for Exosect said   “We couldn’t have wished for a more suitable partner to work with in Italy.  Intrachem Bio is a well respected, highly professional and enthusiastic team of experienced staff.  We believe that this partnership will flourish as the synergies of both businesses compliment each other very well”

Exosect’s products are used globally in a wide range of sectors including crop protection, agriculture, horticulture, stored products, apiculture, amenity and public health. To date, Exosect’s pest management solutions have been registered and launched in a number of international territories including the UK, US, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Belgium, Italy and Greece, with further approvals expected in the near future.

 About Intrachem Bio

Intrachem Bio is a multinational organization structured for an efficient and rapid exchange of technical information among all affiliated companies.

Intrachem Bio Italia produces, markets, and distributes a large portfolio of commercial biopesticides based on microbial control agents, plant extracts, and natural products, beneficial organisms, and biotechnological tools (pheromones and monitoring traps) as well as plant nutrition products. The integration of organic pest management techniques into conventional plant protection strategies allows for compliance with current regulations and with the demand of restricted/zero residue levels in the final produce. The company has the products and the knowledge to best exploit “organic” techniques for the production of “healthy” and safe foodstuff. Intrachem Bio thus offers the biological contribution to a true Integrated Pest Management.

About Exosect (www.exosect.com)

Exosect is actively focused on the development and sales of Intelligent Pest Management Solutions. Its innovative and cost-effective products help growers, food producers and processors actively reduce their use of insecticides. 

The company's goal is to assist growers achieve zero residues in their crops and produce high quality food for the consumer.  Exosect products are used globally in a wide range of sectors including crop protection, (agriculture, horticulture and stored products), apiculture, amenity and public health.

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