Exosect Launches Market Leading Exosex Intelligent Pest Management Solution for Stored Product Moths

26th August 2008

New tablet controls Stored Product Moth Pests for indoor manufacturing and storage environments

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions, today announced the UK launch of Exosex SPTab, the latest generation of its intelligent pest management solution Exosex. Approved by the UK Organic certification body, Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), the product has been developed in response to the needs of Pest Control Operators working in commercial premises where stored product moths are pests. These are typically manufacturing, processing and storage facilities of chocolate and confections, cereal, seeds, dried fruit, flour, spices, tobacco etc.

Since 2003, Exosect have been demonstrating the product in its agricultural format, in confectionery and tobacco factories. Following its success in UK confectionery sites, the team commenced development of a new format that would be better suited to the needs of an indoor manufacturing and storage environment.

The result, Exosex SPTab, is a small tablet that is easy to apply directly to flat surfaces as well as storage racking and machinery.

How Exosex SPTab works

Exosex SPTab is an innovative pest control system, which contains minute quantities of the synthetic female pheromone for the five key stored product moth pests. The pheromone is formulated with Exosect’s unique and natural Entostat powder and moulded into a discrete tablet format. The system works by luring males to the tablet, using the female pheromone. Once the moths make contact with the tablet, Entostat powder adheres strongly to the bodies of the male. The sensors of the coated moths are overwhelmed with pheromone, which means that they are unable to detect females, and therefore do not mate.  

They also act as a false lure for other male moths and the mating cycle is disrupted, resulting in fewer larvae emerging to cause contamination of food products. The technique is simple and helps to reduce the number of fogging or spray applications and as a consequence reduce the amount of shutdown time and related upheaval and costs.

Adrian Meyer, co-founder of Pest Control Consultants Acheta comments, “I have been working with and monitoring the progress of this innovative technology for a number of years now and I find it extremely interesting.  It's totally non-toxic and I believe it will form a very valuable role in IPM systems; I’m delighted to see that it is now being fully rolled out.”

Georgina Kemp, Exosect’s Product Manager for Professional Products adds, “For food manufacturers, it is not easy to shut down production lines for pest control or any other reason. When vast machinery needs to be treated or cleaned it is not a simple process, as well as the downtime it incurs, it is also the time consuming process of putting together risk assessments and ensuring the correctly trained personnel are available to carry out the treatments.   Exosex SPTab is simple and easy to deploy and helps to reduce the need for alternative treatments and we are delighted that it has been so well received in the industry. The product is now being rolled out to all new installations.”

Key benefits of Exosex SPTab

  • Exosex SPTab can be installed without any standard protective clothing or equipment
  • Straight after secure placement, Exosex SPTab is working immediately 24/7, and is pesticide free
  • Work can carry on as usual and doesn't require expensive shutdowns or for Pest Control Operators to place the product during expensive out of hours times such as nights or weekends.

Once the moth population has been reduced, individual monitoring traps alert of any hotspots or specific areas that have infestation and help the PCO’s to pinpoint what machinery is likely to be causing the problem and carry out targeted measures whether it be cleaning or spot treatments.

About Exosect (www.exosect.com)

Exosect is actively focused on the development and sales of Intelligent Pest Management Solutions. Its innovative and cost-effective products help growers, food producers and processors actively reduce their use of insecticides. 

The company's goal is to assist growers achieve zero residues in their crops and produce high quality food for the consumer.  Exosect products are used globally in a wide range of sectors including crop protection, (agriculture, horticulture and stored products), apiculture, amenity and public health.

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