Exosect Announces Field Trial Results From English Grown Organic Apples

20th November 2007

Exosex CM reduces fruit damage by over 85% compared to standard organic sprays in Kent and East Sussex orchards

Exosect, a leading provider of Intelligent Pest Management solutions today announced the results of its Exosex CM active mating disruption technology for the damaging codling moth as trialled by the specialist English top fruit marketers Norman Collett Limited.

Exosex CM is used to control the population of the codling moth, a destructive global pest of apples and pears.  It is an innovative active mating disruption solution, engineered to effectively reduce the population of the pest.

Norman Collett is the marketing agent for Mid Kent Growers and for a number of independent growers in the South East region.  They market exclusively English fruit and pride themselves in marketing the best of the English crop, grown in the best climate for English produce.  They supply Tesco and Somerfield with English Apples, Pears, Cherries and Plums.

The trials were carried out over eight hectares in total, conducted at farms in Kent and East Sussex, owned by Janet and Eric Rowlands.  On four hectares, an organic spray regime was used and on the remaining four hectares, Exosex CM was used on its own.  The organic spray regime resulted in 7.7% fruit damage whereas the Exosex CM plot received only 1.1% fruit damage.  With the rainfall this summer, spray regimes have proved difficult to administer, in comparison the Exosex CM solution remained unaffected by the weather.

Growers, Janet and Eric Rowlands commented, "We have been very impressed with the Exosex CM solution for controlling the codling moth pest.  Whilst picking, we have seen large numbers of moth around the Exosect dispensers and can see easily from the trial results the significant effect that Exosex CM has had in reducing fruit damage.  Next year we will be treating the whole orchard."

"At Norman Collett, we are always looking for new disease resistant fruit crops.  The new Italian apple crop Modi is resistant to scab, apple mildew and aphids but not pests.  So from an organic view, it's a great crop if we can control the pests such as codling moth.  Exosex is one of the very few products that effectively control the codling moth and is the only viable option of controlling it without the use of pesticides," coments Technical Director at Norman Collett, Nigel Jenner.  "As consumer demand continues to grow for locally grown, organic produce with zero pesticide residues, the pressure is on growers to find and grow both disease and pest resistant fruit.  Exosex CM enables us to do this in place of a traditional spray programme."

How Exosex CM works
Exosex CM requires only 25 dispensers per hectare each of which contain a synthetic female Codling moth pheromone, which is formulated with Exosect's unique and natural Entostat powder. The system works by luring males into the dispensers using the females pheromone, once they enter, the Entostat powder adheres strongly to the bodies of the male. The sensors of the coated moths are overwhelmed which means that they are unable to detect females, and therefore do not mate. They also act as a false lure for other moths and the mating cycle is disrupted, resulting in fewer caterpillars emerging to cause apple and pear damage. The technique is simple and helps to reduce the use of chemical spraying.

Exosex CM is registered to date for commercial use in the UK the US and South Africa and also approved for used in New Zealand. It has been granted organic status with IFOAM affilated organic certification bodies, The soil Association, Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd, OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) and BioGrow New Zealand Ltd.

About Norman Collett
Norman Collett Limited, formed in 1977 specialises in marketing English top fruit to the multiple sectors. This product is largely grown in Kent by the Product Organisation, Mid Kent Growers Ltd, together with several independent growers.  This business relationship has been built on trust and good service over many years. For more information visit: www.normancollett.org.uk

About Exosect
Exosect is actively focussed on the development and sales of Intelligent Pest Management Solutions. Its innovative and cost-effective products help growers, food producers and processors actively reduce their use of insecticides.

The company's goal is to assist growers achieve zero residues in their crops and produce high quality food for the consumer. Exosect products are used globally in a wide range of sectors including crop protection, (agriculture, horticulture and stored products), apiculture, amenity and public health. More on Exosect: www.exosect.com

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