Exosect receives further patent for Entomag platform technology

25th June 2014

Winchester, UK – Exosect, a leading provider of enabling technologies has announced that it has received a US patent for its Entomag delivery platform bringing the total number of patents granted for this technology to seventeen*.

Entomag is a ferrous micro powder with a lipid coating which can deliver a range of biological and synthetic active ingredients. The ferrous core enables the particle to be held in place to a suitable magnetic surface which means that this platform lends itself to the targeted delivery of active ingredients particularly for Lure & Kill systems for the control of crawling insects in the agricultural and public health sectors.

Martin Brown, CEO at Exosect comments, “Building a robust patent portfolio around our delivery platforms is key to maximising our licensing business model. To secure seventeen patent territories is a significant validation of this technology, the only key market we are waiting for is Brazil”.


Notes to Editors

*Patent territories granted for Entomag platform:- USA, EU, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Israel, China Brazil, South Africa, GB, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, Germany, Australia, Canada. 

Entomag is a registered trademark of Exosect

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Exosect receives further patent for Entomag platform technology