Exosect receives UK patent for biopesticide formulation for stored commodities

10th September 2014

UK patent for micro powder delivery of friendly fungi

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd, a leading provider of enabling technologies, has received notification from the UK Patent Office that it has been granted a patent for the control of arthropod infestations in dry stored commodities such as grains, pulses, oilseeds etc. This patent uses electrostatic micro powders as a delivery platform for entomopathogenic fungi for the effective control of infestations.

This patent is particularly relevant as the company submits an EU Annex 1 application this month for “Entostat Bb38” which is based on this technology incorporating Beauveria bassiana.

Exosect’s Business Development Director, Rob Cannings comments, “The granting of this patent is very timely as we are currently in the process of seeking partners to commercialise this formulation for use in dry stored commodities in the EU. We look forward to receiving further notifications in key territories in the near future and invite interest for potential partnering in product development”.

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