Exosect's Head of Technology, Nick Jessop, presents use of friendly fungus in protection of post-harvest commodities

1st October 2014

London, UK – Exosect’s Head of Technology Development, Nick Jessop, today updated members and guests of the SCI BioResources* group on the progress of the development of a unique biopesticide for stored commodities which has been in development for the past seven years. The event organised and hosted by the SCI BioResources group in London, focussed on biorationals and their effective use in solving our current and future crop protection problems.

Exosect, a specialist in using micro-powders to deliver a range of pesticides and biopesticides provided an update on its progress so far in developing a natural pest control solution for stored commodities using a microscopic ‘friendly’ fungus.

Originally discovered in UK grain stores, a unique strain of Beauveria bassiana, a microscopic fungus, was found to be effective at controlling various insect pests that infest stored grain. Exosect licensed this strain from the UK government agency FERA* and together with a consortium of specialists and government funding, has developed a unique way of delivering the fungal spores to insect pests in grain stores.

Exosect’s Head of Technology Development commented, “A key issue with using fungal isolates to control pests is ensuring stability and longevity in the formulation. Discovering an isolate is one part of the challenge, developing a commercially viable formulation in terms of cost and application then becomes the next critical phase. We’ve got to the point where we will shortly submit our body of work thus far to the EU regulatory bodies and are talking to commercialisation partners”’.

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Exosect's Head of Technology, Nick Jessop, presents use of friendly fungus in protection of post-harvest commodities

Using micro powder technology to deliver friendly fungus to grain