Exosect submit first fungal isolate for protection of stored commodities, to EU regulatory authorities

5th November 2014

Winchester UK – Exosect have today announced the submission of the first fungal isolate, specifically for insect pest control in stored commodities, to the EU regulatory authorities. The dossier has been submitted to the Dutch regulator, CTGB, for positive listing on Annex 1.

The specific isolate of the entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, occurs naturally in UK grain stores and was discovered as part of a consortium with UK government funding, to seek a biological alternative to synthetic grain protectants. Increasing regulatory pressure on the few remaining synthetic pesticides in this sector has intensified the search for alternative solutions to fill the widening market gap.

Exosect CEO, Martin Brown, comments “There is a significant body of work involved in the development of a new active ingredient. This project has taken seven years of research so far, which includes the discovery of the isolate, the testing of its viability and all of the supporting data required for a regulatory dossier. This is a significant milestone for the company”.

As part of Exosect’s licensing business model, talks are currently taking place with commercialisation partners to continue the development of this formulation, which employs Exosect’s proprietary platform technology, Entostat, a dry, electrostatic, micro-powder, to target the delivery of the naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana.


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