Exosect is granted patent for novel seed treatment of oilseeds

24th February 2015

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd, a leading provider of enabling technologies, has been granted a patent in Canada for seed treatment for oilseeds, using its proprietary technology platform, Entostat.

Entostat is an electrostatic, dry micro-powder, based on natural and/or synthetic waxes which readily adheres to the seed surface. Entostat is an effective delivery platform for a wide range of active ingredients including synthetic chemicals, biopesticides and bio-stimulants. The benefit of this bio-stimulant seed treatment (formulation contains spores of the saprophytic fungus, Penicillium bilaii) is in the improved root growth and greater protection from environmental stresses. Compared to conventionally treated seed it requires less additives, particularly inorganic fertilisers, than that required by conventional farming techniques.

Martin Brown, Exosect’s CEO comments “Together with the patent we received earlier this month in the UK & Canada for improved seed flowability and dust drift reduction, also using the Entostat platform, we are able to offer partners the Entostat platform to develop seed treatment formulations with significant and unique attributes for the oilseed sector.”


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