A natural solution for a historic problem

2nd June 2015

Exosect’s Clothes Moth technology as featured on The BBC’s The One Show

Forget the elephant in the room, the mammoth in your closet is the one to watch. The minute clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) is an enormously destructive pest when it comes to natural textiles. This insignificantly sized beastie is capable of making quite significant holes in your clothes and consequently your clothing budget. But it is not only pashminas and pullovers that are at risk as demonstrated on the BBC’s The One Show this evening.

The clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) will attack natural animal fibres and is a threat taken seriously by conservators of priceless antiquities held in museums, exhibitions and private collections.

Exosect’s technology, Exosex CLTab, has been used to protect priceless artefacts in prestigious locations such as the Tudor tapestries in Hampton Court Palace, robes & gowns in the Houses of Parliament, costumes at the Royal Opera House and prime exhibits at the Natural History Museum. Whilst now in widespread use by collections conservators and professional users as the product of choice for this pesky problem, the technology has not yet been commercialised for the consumer market.

The technology itself is made of wax tablets impregnated with minute levels of specific female clothes moth pheromone, which serves to confuse adult male moths, prevent mating and cause the moth population to collapse. The best part of this is that no deaths are involved and no moth swatting or chemical spraying is required. It’s a simple, safe solution.

Whilst this product is not available off the shelf, householders can contact their local pest control operator and ask for the product by name.

In the mean-time, Exosect is seeking to out-licence the rights to merchandise this technology for consumer use and would welcome licensing enquiries.

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