Exosect receives US approval to import biological insecticide

13th July 2015

Exosect expands biological formulation delivery programme

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd., a leading provider of enabling technologies, today announced that it has received approval to import it’s isolate of the entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, into the USA. The isolate, has been selected for its ability to control a range of insect pests and Exosect has, over the past nine years, been developing the targeted delivery of this biological control agent as part of a European development programme, using its proprietary platform technology, Entostat.

Entostat, a patented electrostatic micro-powder, delivers biological and synthetic active ingredients. For this biological formulation, Entostat delivers an optimised formulation of spores and has so far been demonstrated as a structural treatment in stored grain silos. This development programme complements recent trials in grain where Entostat efficiently delivered Deltamethrin and Pirimyphos-methyl both separately and in co-formulation, at rates half that of conventional formulations.

A data package for this particular isolate of Beauveria bassiana is now under review with european regulators and is due to be approved in 2017. In the meantime, further trial work is underway to demonstrate further delivery application techniques using the Entostat platform, the first being an admixture formulation.

The import approval has been sought in the US to enable in country development. Exosect are currently seeking license partners for this technology and further country import approvals are expected in due course.

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