Entostat significantly increases precision of the delivery of active ingredients

2nd November 2015

AgroPages has recently had a dialogue with the CEO of Exosect, Andrew MacNaughton, who shared his viewpoints on the Value & Application, Specific Advantages and Marketing Model of Entostat Delivery Platform, as well as the future plans.
Technology and Innovation to Drive Sustained Development of Agriculture 
Pesticide reduction is a key focus for the agricultural sector. The risks associated with environmental contamination, residues in food produce, and concerns relating to human safety have all led to a tightening of regulatory requirements and a reduction in available solutions. A consequence of this reduced toolbox, is in many instances also accelerating pest resistance. 
There is now an urgent need to bring forward sustainable technologies that allow the more targeted and efficient use of existing chemistries and better placement and uptake of novel control solutions. 
Value and Application of Entostat Delivery Platform 
Entostat is a formulation solution that increases precision in the delivery of active ingredients. It does this through harnessing natural physical properties including electrostatics. 
The application range within the agrochemical sector is broad, with this technology having relevance for both chemical and biological application. 
The biological sector is the smallest but fastest growing segment of this market. Whilst, currently this growth is restricted by key challenges such as shelf life, targeted application and cost. Many of which could be mitigated through the use of the Entostat dry formulation technology. 
Further application opportunities for this technology extend well beyond the field of agriculture. The animal health and public health sectors have obvious synergies, less obvious industries make this even more interesting. 
Specific Advantages for Entostat 
Entostat is a dry delivery system. Dry delivery is of particular interest to those companies looking to deliver biopesticide and biostimulants, as liquid delivery systems can often adversely affect micro-organisms, or lead to the development of metabolites. 
To deliver chemical actives, we micro-encapsulate the synthetic active ingredient to control release rates, increase longevity and reduce loading while maintaining efficacy. This approach can be used to breathe new life into existing portfolios by reformulating existing chemistries to deliver effective control at significantly lower rates than those currently used. 
This has been clearly demonstrated in our novel development of a combination formulation of deltamethrin and pirimiphos methyl where we have achieved a more than 50% reduction in concentration of these active ingredients while still maintaining the same level of efficacy against the target insect pest. 
The one stop shop of co-formulation has become the market norm. While this typically entails the delivery of multiple chemistries in one product, Entostat expands this further with the capability to deliver both biological and chemical ingredients in a single formulation i.e. bio-conventional. 
Marketing Model for Exosect 
Exosect realises the value of its technology platform through out-licensing its extensive IP portfolio and knowledge base. This model of commercialisation, whilst relatively new to the agricultural sector, is widely practiced today in adjacent markets such as pharmaceutical. 
Through the payment of a technology access fee partners can explore the compatibility of this technology with their existing portfolio and product pipeline to develop novel, game-changing solutions. We are working with partners to identify the most appropriate formulation of their chemistry/biology with our platform. 
In addition to being a formulations solution provider, the company has also developed a range of products formulated with the Entostat platform. These include: 
● A registered and commercialised range of mating disruption pheromone products to control lepidopteran pests in agriculture, food processing and domestic settings (clothes moth). 
● A stored grain and commodities protectant currently undergoing registration in Europe, based on the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana. 
● A seed flow agent which reduces dust as mandated by regulatory authorities in many geographic territories. 
The company is currently discussing the commercial licensing of these products with a number of interested parties. 
Future Development for Entostat Technology Platform 
The company has reached a significant phase in the development of a sprayable version of the Entostat technology. You can expect to hear more about this exciting development early in 2016. 
Using our technical know how we work with partners to identify the most appropriate formulation of their chemistry with our platform.
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Entostat significantly increases precision of the delivery of active ingredients

Andrew MacNaughton - CEO - Exosect