Beauveria bassiana EU regulatory dossier on track for 2016

21st January 2016

Exosect announce significant milestone for EU dossier

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd., a leading provider of enabling technologies, today announced that significant progress has been made with the European Annex I regulatory review of its dossier submission for its isolate of Beauveria bassiana.

Exosect’s Regulatory Affairs Officer, Sue Harris comments “We are currently reviewing the Draft Assessment Report (DAR) and we expect to have this completed by the end of this month.  The regulatory dossier has now been distributed to member states therefore I am happy to say that we are on track to receive the Annex I approval by the end of 2016”.

Beauveria bassiana is an entomopathogenic fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world. It is unusual in that it offers dual control against both insects and plant pathogens and is also used as an animal feed additive.

Exosect has developed a precision delivery formulation for its isolate of Beauveria bassiana using its proprietary formulation delivery platform Entostat, which optimises the delivery of fungal spores. So far the formulation has been developed for application to building structures (demonstrated in grain stores) and is currently being developed as an admixture (demonstrated in grain).

Exosect are currently seeking license partners for this technology.


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Notes to Editors

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