Exosect to provide first insight into Entostat liquid based foliar application

8th February 2016

Latest formulation research for a contact insecticide to be presented at Crops & Chemicals Europe

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd., today announced that it will share details about an exciting new liquid foliar application based on its proprietary formulation delivery platform, Entostat, with delegates at this week’s Crops & Chemicals conference in Berlin.

Tightening regulatory controls have led to a significant increase in the cost of discovery and development of new synthetic molecules.  In response, the industry has refocussed R&D expenditure into two key areas; discovery or acquisition of biological active ingredients and reformulation of existing synthetic active ingredients as single or dual formulations.

According to Phillips McDougall the number of new molecules in development in the agrochemical sector has almost halved since the year 2000[1].

Both avenues of development pose formulation challenges as the next generation of synthetic pesticides and biopesticides seek to achieve the delicate balance between reduced chemical inputs whilst at the same time maintaining or improving efficacy. Exosect can address this challenge through more accurate and precise delivery.

At Crops & Chemicals Europe on Wednesday, Dr. Aoife Dillon, Chief Technology Officer at Exosect, will be presenting the first exciting results into this liquid based foliar application, specifically focussing on delivery of contact insecticides as a model system.

Dr. Aoife Dillon comments, “Over the last fifteen years we have developed extensive know-how on the Entostat platform and delivery of a liquid formulation significantly broadens the scope of our platform technology. The industry is seeking to reformulate Active Ingredients in order to extend product life, develop new Intellectual Property and enter new markets. The key to this challenge is innovation in formulation. I am looking forward to presenting our insights into the capabilities of Entostat.”


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Notes to Editors

[1] Phillips McDougall – April 2015 – AgriFutura Newsletter – No.186


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