Exosect technology launched into home insecticide market

14th April 2016

Exosect’s lean formulation technology launched in consumer product for clothes moth

Winchester, UK – Exosect Ltd., a pioneer in lean formulation technology™, today announced that its innovative technology for the management of clothes moth has been launched in the UK for consumer use. Exosect has signed a distribution deal with on-line retailer, Total Wardrobe Care, who have launched the product under the brand name, Moth Decoy. The technology is already widely used with great success in the heritage sector, (museums and historic houses), to protect priceless artefacts from the damaging effects of this destructive pest.

In this product, Exosect’s proprietary formulation platform, Entostat®, is formulated with a synthetic version of the clothes moth pheromone which is then formed into a large tablet. The tablets, which are placed throughout the home, release a controlled amount of pheromone at an optimal level to attract male clothes moth. By touching the tablets, the male moths pick up tiny particles of the Entostat micro-powder and become overwhelmed with pheromone. They are unable to find females and the population collapses.

This uniquely targeted formulation increases the timeframe during which the pheromone is active and enables a minute amount of pheromone to be delivered accurately throughout the pest population. The technology does not cause environmental contamination, it can be safely used throughout the home, working on a continuous basis without the need to relocate householders or pets.

Total Wardrobe Care company founder and owner, Julia Dee comments, “This technology offers the missing component for Clothes moth management in the home. Since the removal of moth balls in the EU, many homeowners, despite their rigorous cleaning and storage practices, have endured immense upheaval and cost to rid their homes of this destructive pest. In the most serious cases they find themselves on the treadmill of professionally applied fumigation”. She continues “This innovative technology can be used all year round, it is unobtrusive and extremely easy to use. The fact that it has been extensively tested within the heritage sector speaks volumes.  I am very excited to be launching it.”

Exosect’s CEO, Andrew MacNaughton comments, “We are delighted to be working with Total Wardrobe Care to launch our technology platform to fill the gap in the home insecticide market. The Entostat lean formulation technology can be used to enhance an expanding range of chemical and biological ingredients to achieve targeted delivery, reductions in loading and improved safety profiles, and this is a great example of how our platform technology has provided a solution to a formulation challenge for the home.”

The patents and know-how that underpin Entostat formulation technology are available through licensing to product manufacturers for use in the development of their own formulations. The many areas of potential use include agriculture, public health and animal health.


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Notes to Editors 

The clothes moth technology – how it works

The Entostat based formulation is moulded into small tablets which release an optimal level of female clothes moth pheromone to attract male clothes moths.  When the male moth comes into contact with the tablet, pheromone impregnated micro-powder particles are released from the tablet and adhere to the male moth through electrostatic attraction. The pheromone overwhelms the male moth’s receptors and prevents it from finding female moths, breaking the mating cycle.


About Exosect

Exosect is a lean formulations company. 

We exploit the characteristics of our unique, proprietary technology platforms and apply our extensive formulations know-how to enable the efficient, targeted delivery of biological and synthetic active ingredients. 

Our technology platforms deliver a unique mix of commercial and environmental benefits and are underpinned by an extensive and robust patent portfolio.

We out-license access to our technology platforms, formulations
know-how and intellectual property to industrial partners enabling them to grow their business and increase ROI.


For further information please contact: Georgina Donovan at Exosect.
Tel: 02380 603939 or email: georgina.donovan@exosect.com


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Exosect technology launched into home insecticide market

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