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Common to the majority of Exosect’s 17 patent families is the use of Entostat micronized waxes (plant based, mineral and synthetic) formulated with an array of active ingredients for improved delivery and adherence to a variety of surfaces. Active ingredients include biological components and synthetic chemistry.

The versatility of Entostat is evident by the breadth of claims contained in Exosect’s granted patent portfolio. With over 91 granted patents across major global market territories, a further 58 are pending. The most significant discoveries have been filed within the last five years making Exosect’s portfolio a young and robust barrier to market competition.

In addition to Entostat, Exosect has a second platform delivery system based on the use of a magnetic powder carrier, called Entomag. The powder is coated with a saturated fatty acid formulated with a variety of active ingredients for control of pests ranging from Mediterranean fruit fly to cockroaches. Magnetic powder applications are especially useful in situations where the active ingredient needs to be retained in a bait station to reduce exposure.

Exosect continues to file new patents and offers a mechanism for partners to preserve their IP protection by acquiring commercial rights to our Lean Formulation Technology®.


The following information is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a) and under UK Patents Act 1977, s 62 (1).

Entostat Micro-Powder Delivery Technology:

US7076914, US6344208, EP1890534, GB2436288, US9894900, GB2456261, GB2481307, US15/299972 (pat pending), GB2480899, US13/640525, GB2481881, US13/700028, GB2482900, US9510590, US14/112,792 (pat pending), GB2490242, US20149955685, GB2490241, GB2490243, US9113627, GB2490237, US20149955684, GB2490238, US20149961894, GB2490239, GB2490240, US14/112,837, US10029952, GB2490246, GB2490247, GB2490248, US20149732006, GB2490249, GB2490250, US9380739, GB2501007, US9801370, GB2504793, US20170156344 (pat pending), EP3110247, GB2541175, US15/743,707 (pat pending)

Entomag Micro-Powder Delivery Technology

US8,399,004, EP1575363, US 2016/0278278 (pat pending)

Distributor Products

Fluency Agent (available from Talc USA) – GB2501007, US9,380,739

Semio-Chemical Formulations (available from Pest Trader and Total Wardrobe Care) - US 6,344,208, GB2456261, US2010/0062944 (pat pending) 





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