Technology Overview

Exosect's Lean Formulation Technology® is based on the use of micro-powders to accurately target biological and synthetic active ingredients.

Using the micro-powder platforms, we accurately place active ingredients on targets, such as seeds, grains, pellets, insects, foliage and building structures.

Our technology and know-how enables us to help our partners with a range of formulation challenges such as reducing the concentration of synthetic active ingredients by 50%, increasing biological loading by 100% and improving the shelf life of biological material.

Our platforms have the potential to deliver in dry and wet format and to deliver multiple active ingredients in a single formulation.

  • Entostat delivery platform
    An electrostatically charged micro-powder which can facilitate the direct transfer of formulated active ingredient to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Entomag delivery platform
    A ferrous micro-powder which is capable of being magnetised, with a lipid coating which facilitates the transfer of active ingredient to insects.

See our technology applications for examples of the types of chemical and biological agents that Exosect's technology platforms can deliver.

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